Vulcan Quarry, Stringfield Road, Huntsville, Alabama – April 13th, 2019


Details at last for the Vulcan Stringfield Rd Quarry trip this coming Saturday.

There are now 13 of us (list below), plus Ralph Witherow our guide and driver.

I’ve rented a 15 passenger van and will meet you at the Quarry parking lot, 4210 Stringfield Rd in north Huntsville at 9:00 – please don’t be late.

Stringfield Rd stretches from Ardmore Highway to Blue Springs Rd. and the quarry is about halfway between.

From University Rd, you can take Pulaski Pike north to Stringfield Rd, and then turn left to the quarry.

If you are coming from north Memorial Parkway, you can use Mastin Lake Rd west to Pulaski Pike, north to Stringfield Rd and left to the Quarry

Two aerial maps are attached, with GPS coordinates pasted on

Please call or text me if you can’t make it or if you will be running late, but please don’t be running late.

If you have questions please call me, don’t text – I can receive but can’t reply


Bill 256-527-8227 cell