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Rocket City Jewelers (RCJ) is a benefit of membership in the Huntsville Gem and Mineral Society (HGMS).  Our goals are to bring HGMS members together to learn new jewelry making skills and techniques, to share tips and information about creating jewelry – from idea, to design, to fabrication, to finished piece – and to have fun!  We enjoy the comradery of working together and letting our creativity flow in a safe, friendly environment.

All skill levels are welcome – we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced jewelry classes.  Rocket City Jewelers (RCJ) offers classes in wire working, chainmaille, and metals.  (No certification required.  Familiarity with basic jewelry making tools is beneficial, but not required).  Metalsmithing (MS) offers classes in fabricating jewelry using a torch.  (Certification required).  Both groups meet on different nights at the HGMS Education Center.

RCJ (formerly the “Jewelry Activity Group” or JAG) was originally created as a “next step” for those who are certified to use the Lapidary Shop.  The idea was to learn skills such as wire wrapping that would let folks create finished jewelry using their own cabs.  Then MS evolved so folks could learn how to make bezels and settings for their cabs using torchwork.  That being said, lapidary experience is ideal, but not required.  (There are several classes that do not require cabs.)  But if your favorite cab was made by someone else, bring it!

Who Can Participate in RCJ?

All HGMS members in good standing are welcome.  To access the HGMS Membership Application online, please click here.  Printed applications are also available when you visit us.  Participation in RCJ does not currently require certification, and all skill levels are welcome!  Previous jewelry making experience is helpful, but not necessary.

When and Where Does RCJ Meet?

RCJ meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 6p – 9p and 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays from 2p – 5p.  (5th Wednesdays are usually used to finish projects or make up missed classes.)  We meet in the RCJ room in the HGMS Education Center, 7901 Bailey Cove Road SE, Huntsville.  Please enter the South parking lot from Bailey Cove Road SE, enter the building through the double glass doors, then turn left to enter your security code.  If you arrive an hour after the scheduled meeting time, you’ll need to call RCJ security to let you in.

What Kind of Classes Does RCJ Offer?

We are always exploring new ways to incorporate stones and gemstones into jewelry!  We currently offer wirework or metals classes on 1st Wednesday evenings and chainmaille classes on 3rd Wednesday evenings with open sessions on 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesday afternoons.  Open sessions are a great time to finish unfinished class projects.  An instructor will be available to assist you.  You can also make up classes you may have missed (requires prior arrangement with the instructor), or work on individual projects.

How Do I Sign Up for Classes?

Upcoming classes are listed in the Calendar of this website and in the HGMS newsletter.  Members and first time visitors can sign up for classes by sending email to 2 weeks before the class date.  This allows the instructors time to prepare the class kits.  Any HGMS member or visitor can also sign up in person at RCJ meetings and at monthly HGMS meetings.

Every quarter, RCJ members will be asked to vote for their favorite class ideas.  Classes for the next 3 months are selected based on their feedback, followed by signing up for 6 classes.  Please be sure to vote either YES or NO for each class.  When you sign up for a class, a kit will be reserved for you.  You can change your signups up until 2 weeks before the class date.  If you do not reserve a kit on or before the deadline, one will NOT be made for you.