Pebble Pups Meeting

The next meeting will be October 28th, 6:30p:  Magnetism.

Magnets appear to be magical.  All of us have played with them from time to time.  We will have magnets on hand in a number of different forms and will hands on explore what they can do, and learn a bit about how they do it.  Electro-magnetism – the mechanism that drives electric motors and generators – will also be explored.  Hope to see you then!  Bring your friends!  For more information, contact Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
All Pebble Pups meetings are on the 4th Thursday of the month in the Rocket City Jewelers room in the Huntsville Gem and Mineral Education Center, 7901 Bailey Cove Road SE, Huntsville.  Please enter the South parking lot from Bailey Cove Road SE, and enter the center through the glass double doors.