Lapidary Equipment & Supplies

Rock hounds and rock collectors sometimes like to cut and polish rocks and gems. Lapidary, or lapidarist, is defined as an artist who forms stones, minerals, or gemstones into decorative items such a cabochons, faceted designs, or someone who is an expert in precious stones. Many lapidary enthusiasts like to visit gem and mineral show to find rough stones to cut on polish themselves. They also like to browse lapidary equipment such as saws, grinders, soldering irons, and other tools used to shape and form rock shapes and jewelry. The Huntsville Gem, Jewelry, and Mineral Show is a great place to find all this, and more! Plus, you can watch live lapidary demonstrations to see how to cut and polish your own stones.

Rough slabs for sale. Lapidary enthusiasts take these rough slabs, cut and polish them to make beautiful jewelry or ornaments.

Huntsville Gem Jewelry and Mineral Show
Lapidary equipment and supplies are for sale at the show.

Huntsville Gem Jewelry and Mineral Show

Here’s one of our members showing a scout troop how to grind and polish rocks. Dewey Moss at the lapidary machine