Children’s Activities

The Huntsville Gem and Mineral Society likes to make sure that kids not only have a great time at our Gem, Jewelry, and Mineral Show, but also learn a lot!  Here are some of the activities we offer each year.

Fluorescent Gem and Mineral Display

This is a darkened room that kids can enter then press buttons to turn on black lights.  The black light will cause the fluorescent lights in the display to glow in the dark, and glow in all sorts of beautiful colors.  Here’s what some of the fluorescent minerals look like!

Fluorescent gems and minerals at the Huntsville Gem, Jewelry, and Mineral Show

Mining Flume

We set up a real mining flume with water running down the chute.  Each child pays for a bag full of small gravel mixed with small mineral and semiprecious gemstones.  We provide a mesh screen that the kids use to sift out the gravel and find the pretty gems and mineral hidden in the gravel.  The kids to take home whatever stones they want!  There is no time limit on this activity so kids can spend as much time as they want finding all the hidden treasures.

Rock mining flume at the Huntsville Gem, Jewelry, and Mineral Show