Metalsmithing Class

The next class is an Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet on May 2nd.

This month’s project is making an Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet.  The term anticlastic” refers to the curves of the metal form, which are opposites.  Think of saddle on a horse’s back.  The saddle seat curves in a U shape to fit the rider while the saddle itself curves the opposite direction around the body of the horse.

Normally this form is made using hammers and stakes however Shelley has purchased a tool to make the form with no hammering.  You will be able to choose which one of several different “styles” for your bracelet: a “Spinner” bracelet with a captured ring, a plain form with soldered decorations and a colored patina or alcohol ink, and one that is partially closed with captured beads.  The kit cost is $5.  If you choose to make the style with the captured beads you will need to supply your own 4 to 5 mm beads, which will not be part of the kit.

The sign up sheet will be available at the April meeting and on Monday and Thursday
night classes or by sending email to

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