Metalsmithing Class

The next class is an Etched mixed metal, multilayered, linked bracelet.  This is a two-part class for March and April.

Part 1.  March 7th, 6:00p.m.  Class will chemically etch three different metals to be used to fabricate a mixed-metal layered linked bracelet.  This technique is a fairly simple way to produce richly patterned base metals for multiple uses.  In this case a bracelet.  The kit will include all metals and necessary chemicals and materials.  Kit cost of $10.00.  Preference will be given to certified members at sign up, as materials produced in this class will be used to build a bracelet in Part 2 in April.  If interest warrants, an etching class will be offered again at a later date.

Part 2.  April 4th, 6:00 p.m.  Class will use the metals we etched in Part 1 to build the bracelet.  The patterned metals will be shaped and layered and soldered together to make individual links.  Each link will be different.  Most will make six links to get the necessary length.  The links will then be finished into a toggle closure bracelet.  Basic soldering skills required.  Kit will include everything necessary to finish the bracelet.  Cost will be minimal.