Metalsmithing Class

The next class is Thursday, February 3rd, 5-9p, or Monday, February 7th, 5-9p:  Chemical Etching with the Edinburgh Method.  Kit cost:  $10.

Learn how to SAFELY etch base metals with chemicals.

We won’t be making a finished piece of jewelry in this class.  We’ll learn another method to create texture on metal. The etched pieces can be used in future projects.  Kit includes 27 square inches of different metals, etchant, written instructions, and all other supplies needed to finish the project.

Sign up at the January HGMS meeting or with Shelley or Kathy by email (  There are ten openings in each class.  Since no torches are involved you don’t need to be certified to participate.  If there’s enough interest we will hold another class at a later date.