Metalsmithing/Silver Classes

March 2024

Note change in dates:

Session 1:  Monday, March 4, 2024
Session 2:  Thursday, March 7, 2024

KEUM BOO.  Kit cost approximately $25.00 based on market price.

Keum boo is the ancient art of adding pure gold to fine silver.  This technique allows the maker to add very small amounts of gold for a big impact.  The gold is fused to the fine silver with a eutectic bond.  This is not plating or overlay but a permanent chemical bond between the metals.  The silver is heated and then the gold foil is burnished down at a temperature of about 800-900 degrees.

In this class we’ll be using fine (.999) silver sheet and 23.5 karat gold foil.  Sterling can be used but must be depletion gilded seven to ten times.  Gold leaf will not work as it’s too thin.  

Seating will be limited due to material availability so sign up early so materials can be ordered.  Kit cost will be determined closer to class and materials at market price but should be somewhere around $25.00. Any questions ask Shelley.

How to Sign Up for Classes:
Sign up sheet will be available Monday and Thursday nights and at the monthly meeting.  You can also sign up by sending email to  

If you sign up for a class and cannot attend, please be considerate and notify the instructors as soon as possible so that if someone is on the wait list they can attend in your place.

Certification Classes:  Next certification class is Tuesday, March 19th.  We have decided to change the day of the week for the certification class to Tuesday, because classes have been large and left no room for those who need to work on their projects the day of the scheduled certification class. 

To get on the list for the March class, please send your name and contact information (name, email address, and cell phone number (for text messages) to  Seats will
be filled in the order I receive them.  If you end up on the wait list, you will be added to the next scheduled class.  Certification classes are scheduled approximately every other month.

After Certification Class dates are set, email notices with information about the class(es) will be sent to everyone who is currently on the request list about a week before the scheduled date.  You must reply to that email to be scheduled for the class or to request a future class.  One reminder email will be sent to those who do not respond to the first email.  If there is no reply after the 2nd email, your name will be removed from Certification Requests list.  If you are still interested in Certification, you will have to send in your information again to get on the current list.

Facebook:  The Metalsmithing/Silver group has our own page in Facebook groups.  You can see info on classes, examples of project classes, and other general information.  Members of the group can post their finished class projects.  Our class page is HGMS Metalsmithing Group.  The link is: