Contact Information

For general questions about the HGMS, please send email to  For specific questions, please send email to one of our Officers or Committee Chairs.


President:  Anthony Zwilling, 256-541-8894,
Vice President:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Recording Secretary:  James Yack, 256-683-1836,
Treasurer:  Clara Goode, 256-883-9194,
Newsletter Editor:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Directors at Large:

Immediate Past President:  Mike Harrison, 256-797-2435,
SFMS Liaison:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
HGMS Education Center Building Administrator: Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,

Commitee Chairs:

Programs:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Publicity:  Robert Kemper, 256-417-1018,
Webpage:  Leslie Malakowsky, 256-970-8286,
Auction:  Shelley Curran,
Field Trips:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Rocket City Jewelers:  Judy Osmundson, 205-541-7207,; Theresa Chivers, 256-837-6819,; and Leslie Malakowsky, 256-970-8286,
Metalsmithing:  Kathy Bowman, and Shelley Curran,
Lapidary Hosts:

Future Rockhounds of America (formerly “Pebble Pups”):  Karen Allen, 256-722-0522, and Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Property:  Michael Cape, 256-890-9172,
HGMS Corporate History:  Lowell Zoller, 256-534-8803,
Librarian:  Leslie Malakowsky, 256-970-8286,

Show Chairs:

Show Chair:  Tony Smith, 256-603-3095,
Show Vendor Chair:  Lowell Zoller, 256-534-8803,
Assistant Show Vendor Chair:  Jan Edmunds, 256-468-5276,
Show Volunteer Chair:  open
Show Publicity Chair:  Tony Smith, 256-603-3095,
Show Treasurer:  Clara Goode, 256-883-9194,