Officers and Committee Chairs


President:  Anthony Zwilling
Vice President:  Bill Friday
Recording Secretary:  James Yack
Treasurer:  Clara Goode
Newsletter Editor:  Bill Friday
Past President:  Mike Harrison
Directors at Large:  Les Bartel, Shelley Curran, Isabel Leon y Leon, Gene Powers

Commitee Chairs:

Programs:  Bill Friday
Membership:  Theresa Chivers
Publicity:  Robert Kemper
Webpage:  Leslie Malakowsky
Hospitality:  open
Property:  Michael Cape
Mineral Identification:  Lowell Zoller

Activities Chairs:

Auction:  Shelley Curran
Show:  Tony Smith
Show Vendors:  Lowell Zoller
Show Publicity:  Tony Smith
Show Volunteers:  open
Show Treasurer:  Clara Goode
Rocket City Jewelers:  Judy Osmundson, Theresa Chivers, Leslie Malakowsky
Metalsmithing:  Shelley Curran, Kathy Bowman, Jan Edmunds
Future Rockhounds of America:  Karen Allen, Mike Harrison, Dee Morton
GeoSciences:  Bill Friday
Field Trips:  open

For general questions about the HGMS, or for information about membership, please send email to