Twenty Mile Creek Field Trip

The W. M. Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park is located on Twenty Mile Creek at the Hwy 45 Bridge near Frankstown, in Prentiss County, Mississippi.  The GPS coordinates are 34.5865354, -88.6323455 or 340 35′ 13″, 880 37’55”.  This is an excellent place to wade in the shallow cool stream and scoop sand into a floating screen to (hopefully) find all sorts of ancient creatures – shark teeth, sting rays, ammonites, turtle bones, and occasional mosasaur bones, even dinosaur bones.  On the sandy bank are horsetails, plants that are descendants of ancient calamites trees, retaining the striated bark and regularly spaced horizontal sections.  The streambed is full of large concretions formed from the abundant chalk.

For a preview as to how all this stuff got there, download David Dockery’s booklet from the internet: and a short video (skip the ad)

What to Bring:  Families are in for a treat!  This site is extremely wet; be prepared to get very wet.  The creek bed is rocky and there is some glass and wire.  So, dress the kids in a swim suit and shoes they can wear in the water.  Bring a change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, lunch and drinking water.  You will also need sieving screens.  They can be made from window screening attached to a frame, but many people use kitchen colanders or the screens you get in summer beach sand toys; just something to let the sand and water through so you can sort through the coarse material to find the fossils.  Bring a towel or a scoop and a couple of small plastic bags or boxes (yogurt cups with lids will do) to keep your fossils safe.