The next meeting is May 13th, 6:30-8p:  Mining the Moon.

The Moon contains almost identical chemical makeup as does the earth, although the components have not been geologically concentrated as they have here since the Moon has not molten core or tectonic surface activity.  Any long term colony on the moon will need basic resources – water, air, metals, and utilities, mainly electricity.  Transporting any of this from Earth is prohibitively expensive and impractical.

Water has been found in the Moon’s polar regions, although not in lakes, but rather in thin ice.  Aluminum is present in the same abundance as on Earth but it is widely distributed.  Given an adequate method of generating electricity, water can be collected and purified, and it can be dissociated to oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for fuel.  Aluminum can be refined for use in creating structures.

A source of electricity would be needed to accomplish any of these necessities.  FLIBE Energy Inc of Huntsville offers such a technology – safe, reliable, scalable, and transportable.  But there are lots of issues and questions.  Dr. Kirk Sorensen of FLIBE Energy Inc will discuss the potential for mining the Moon using FLIBE technology as a precursor to his program at the regular monthly meeting on May 25th.  He’ll be asking for serious feedback from the attendees.  Come and participate.

Members of the GeoSciences activity group are interested in rocks, minerals, fossils, geology, oceanography, astronomy, archaeology, and of course field trips.

All GeoSciences meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the GeoSciences/Pebble Pups room in the new Huntsville Gem and Mineral Education Center, 7901 Bailey Cove Road SE.  Please enter the South parking lot from Bailey Cove Road SE, and enter the center through the front double doors.  All HGMS members are welcome!