Fossils Meeting

HGMS members are invited to the first meeting of the Fossils Interest Group at 6:30p.m. on Thursday, February 14th in the Paint Room (next to the Lapidary Shop) at the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center.  Bill Friday, our HGMS President, will lead this introductory meeting.  There will be occasional field trips to collect peculiar area fossils.  The meetings and field trips are open to all HGMS members.  (Pictured are samples of Archimedes, corkscrew-shaped Bryozoans that lived from the Carboniferous period to the Permian period.)

RCJ Class

February’s class is Chainmaille Snowflake Earrings.  You’ll build two “snowflake” shapes by adding small jump rings to a larger jump ring at the center, then attach each snowflake to an earring finding.  It will be helpful, but not required, if you have taken one of our previous chainmaille classes, or if you have experience making chainmaille.  The kit cost is TBD.  You can pay for your kit the night of class.

The deadline to sign up for this class is Wednesday, January 30th.  The signup sheet for this class will be available at the January 22nd HGMS meeting.  You can also sign up by texting Leslie or by sending email to

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Metalsmithing Class

This month’s project is making a set of stacking rings.  The example picture shows copper rings but we will have silver kits available.  (Kit cost TBD) The kits will have materials for 3 plain stack bands and 2 rings with a stone.  You will learn how to make several rings and keep the sizes consistent and how to add a small stone in a premade bezel cup.  If you have a small stone that will not fit a standard bezel cup, we will teach you how to measure the stone and make your own bezel cup.

The signup sheet for this class will be available at the January meeting and on Monday and Thursday night classes or by sending email to

Regular Monthly Meeting

The next regular monthly meeting is January 22nd at 6:30p.m. at the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center, 2200 Drake Avenue.   Get there early to “meet and greet” members and visitors!

Mr. Bill Friday, our HGMS President, will present a program about the Burgess Shale, a fossil hunter’s dream on Burgess Mountain in the Canadian Rockies.  Take a step back in time 500 million years to the beginning of the Cambrian explosion when 3 billion year-old blue-green algae suddenly developed a fantastic array of shapes and characteristics.  There are other fossil sites of this ancient era, but none are as exquisitely preserved as the Burgess Shale.






Excerpted from an illustration by Mary Parrish.  Photo source:

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