Our goal is to bring HGMS members together to share what they know about creating jewelry – from idea, to design, to fabrication, to finished piece – and to explore various jewelry making skills and techniques.  All skill levels are welcome – we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced jewelry classes.  Rocket City Jewelers (RCJ) offers classes in beading and wire working (no certification required).  Metalsmithing (MS) offers classes in fabricating jewelry using a torch (certification required).  Both groups meet on different nights at the Senior Center.

RCJ (formerly the “Jewelry Activity Group” or JAG) was originally created as a “next step” for those who are certified to use the Lapidary Shop.  The idea was to learn skills such as wire wrapping that would let folks create finished jewelry using their own cabs.  Then MS evolved so folks could learn how to make bezels and settings for their cabs using torchwork.  That being said, lapidary experience is ideal, but not required.  (There are several classes that do not require cabs.)  But if your favorite cab was made by someone else, bring it!