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So, one of the administrators of this page just realized that she hasn’t been checking the club’s Gmail email account since she set it up. Apologies for very late replies! The email address is now being forwarded, so if you have any questions, someone will see your email pretty quickly. Also, remember that if you have questions about the club, our meetings, or our lapidary shop, you can also send email addresses to our officers, listed on our Contacts page.


  1. My mom loves rocks and gems. She grew up in Alabama and I would love to know of somewhere that I can take her on a hunt. Please advise me, her birthday is approaching and I would like to have some plans ready for her. Thank you in advance


  2. justin reynolds says:

    Hi i make wire wraps rings pendents and pins i was woundering if yall offer any thing that could help me with build my skills

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