Contact information is listed below.  To send email to one of our officers or chairs, click their address, select your favorite email software, and copy the person’s address into it.   For general questions about the HGMS, please send email to


President:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Vice President:  Michael Cape, 256-890-9172,
Recording Secretary:  Bob & Ruth Kemper, 256-489-3684,
Treasurer:  Clara Goode, 256-883-9194,
Newsletter Editor:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Directors at Large:

Ex Officio:  Brian Burgess, 256-479-2993,
Federation Liaison:  Les Bartel, 256-722-4944,

Committee Chairs:

Membership:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Property:  Chris Kalange, 256-883-7627,
Program Chair:  Myra Soroczak, 256-446-9938,
Scrapbook:  Dianna O’Dell, 256-828-1813
Librarian:  Leslie Malakowsky, 256-755-0479,
Club Publicity:  open
Hospitality:  Caryl Nixon, 256-426-5061,
Field Trips:  Bill Friday, 256-527-8227,
Pebble Pups:  Brian Burgess, 256-479-2993,
Mineral ID:  Wayne Falkenberg,

Show Chairs:

Show Chair:  Tony Smith, 256-603-3095,
Show Vendor Chair:  Lowell Zoller, 256-534-8803,
Show Volunteer Chair:  Open
Show Publicity Chair:  Tony Smith, 256-603-3095,
Show Treasurer:  Clara Goode, 256-883-9194,