July Meeting and Program

Dawn Haygood, a Certified Gemologist with Osborne’s Jewelers, will be our July speaker.  She will talk about what to look for in selecting gemstones and give us information that Jewelers use to grade and evaluate gemstones.  She will go over the standard items like color, carat, clarity and cut; and will also talk about things like the blue list and pink list, etc.

We’ll also talk about our upcoming show! We need volunteers to help publicize the show, AND we need volunteers to help us actually work at the show. Volunteering is a lot of fun! So come to our meeting on Tuesday, July 23 to learn about gems and learn how to be a part of our 45th annual show! The meeting will be held at the Madison County Senior Center,  2200 Drake Ave, Huntsville, AL. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Come a little early to meet some club members!

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