Jewelry Activities


Our goal is to get HGMS members together to share what they know regarding jewelry development, creativity, and the different types…and there is so many.  We will start with beginning jewelry tutorials to bring confidence to those just starting and then move on to intermediate and advanced.  This will be a great time for the more experienced jewelry makers to mentor beginning jewelry makers and new members coming in.  Exciting to say the least, with some tutorials and membership sharing, we will be able to take our finished cabochons and beads bought from the show and make some beautiful creations!

Meeting Times

Meeting times are  at the Senior Center on every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. other than HGMS meeting nights. The idea is for HGMS members to meet and share what they know about jewelry making. There will be scheduled Tuesday nights with beginning tutorials, free form get-togethers, and intermediate & advanced classes with signups available.  For more information or questions visit our Facebook page or send an email to

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