HGMS Presentation: “Seismic Activity – Historical and Now” by Dr. Melissa Driskell

18242942153_d82f2012cf_o     Dr. Melissa Driskell is faculty at the University of North Alabama in the Department of Physics and Earth Science. She also serves as the Assistant Director of the University Honors Program. Melissa is a seismologist whose research interests are in seismogenic zone processes of subduction zones, earth structure, and core-mantle boundary layer structure. She is the recent recipient of a National Science Foundation grant to study the Alaskan subduction zone. Her research has included local earthquake tomography of the Middle America subduction zone along Nicaragua and Costa Rica as well as the study of the Earth’s core-mantle boundary and its relationship to mantle circulation and dynamics. Additionally she has conducted research on fine structure in the Earth’s deep mantle utilizing seismic waveform modeling and seismic data analysis.

SE_USA Zones

Melissa will discuss the recent earthquakes in Greene County, Alabama, as well as other areas of local seismicity, what causes earthquakes, and historical seismicity in the area.

Figure on left: Local seismic zones influencing Alabama (figure from the Geological Society of Alabama, gsa.state.al.us)


Picture below:  Seismometer deployment fieldwork on the Cook Inlet of Alaska, May 2015



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