January 24, 2017 meeting

In January we will do the first of 3 programs this year where members share their prize rocks and stones.
Sharing the Stones: Show and Tell No. 1
At our January 24th Program, we want members whose last names begin with A through H to bring up to 3 (no more than 3) of your favorite rocks, slabs, cabs, or jewelry to a Show and Tell. By limiting the number of people and objects, each person gets to tell how they got the object, what it is (or to ask what it is), and to explain why this piece is important to the person.  By allowing each person who brings something to share a few minutes to show off each piece, the club gets to know each person better as well as to ooh and aah at their pretties. Later in the year we will have 2 more Show and Tell programs where other members get their 10 minutes of fame.