2016 Show Volunteer Request

Many Volunteers Are Needed for Our Show this October

      We are busy organizing the Club’s annual Gem, Jewelry, & Mineral Show for Oct. 7 – 9 this year.  It will be at the Jaycees Community Building again at 2180 Airport Road S.W. in Huntsville (on Jaycee Way).  Our new location is better, but it still takes lots of help from all of our members to make it a good show.  It’s a great opportunity for members to get together and learn more about gems and minerals, and it can be a lot of fun.  We also get to teach others about our hobby and make money to support the club’s many activities.  So please mark your calendars now for Oct. 5 –  9 (Wed. to Sun.) and plan to help out as much as you can.

There are several different Activities/Areas to help with:

(1) Wed., Oct. 5, we’ll need a few Volunteers to mark the Show Layout on the Jaycees Building floor, and others to load up the Club’s Show Supplies at the Winchester Storage Unit and unload it at the Jaycees Building.

(2) Set-Up Day – Thurs., Oct.6, from 7:30am to about 6pm – we’ll need alot of workers to help unload Club and Dealers’ supplies and equipment at the Jaycees Building and help set them up.

(3) Set-Up Dinner – Thurs., 4:30 on.  The Dinner is at 6:00, for Dealers and Volunteers, and we’ll need workers to set it up, serve it, and clean up after it.  We’ll also need lots of Food Donations for it.

(4) Thursday we’ll need some members to bring in and set up Displays of their collections to put in cases which the Club provides.  If a few members want to combine their treasures in one Display, that’s great, too.

(5 – 10) During the Show, on Fri., Sat., & Sun., we’ll need workers for the Ticket Table, Information Booth, Mining Flume, Gem Dig, Kids’ Activities, and Demonstrations – of faceting, cabbing, carving, jewelry-making, etc.

(11) At 5pm on Sun., we’ll start our Take-Down, and it’ll take alot of workers to take everything apart and load it back up.

We’ll also need to have 1 or 2 Work Days at our Storage Unit on Winchester Road in Aug. or Sept. to repair Display Cases and other items.  And Bagging Sessions will be needed for the Flume material, and other Sessions to break up Gem Dig material and load it into the Cart.  Please watch for announcements of dates and times to help out with these.

We have some of the Chairmen we need, but still need a few more.  Caryl Nixon is Chairing the Set-Up Dinner, Deb Neis is Chairing Demos, Brian Burgess is Chairing the Kids’ Activities, Mark Habercom is Chairing the Mining Flume (and would love to train someone to take over for him), and I’ll be Chairing the Info Booth and Dinner Food Donations.  We still need Chairs for the Ticket Table, Gem Dig, and Displays, so please think about helping with these.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about them, and let me know if you’re interested.  If you’d like to Volunteer to help with the Show in other ways, please sign up on the Sign-Up Sheets at the meetings, noting the days or times you prefer.  Or you can contact the Chairman of the Area you’re interested in directly, or me.  Shifts during the Show are usually for 2 hours, but any help is appreciated.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask Tony Smith, the Chairmen, or me.  My phone # and e-mail address are in the back of the Newsletter and on the Website.     –Lori Willhoite, Show Volunteer Coordinator