Jewelry Activity ~ Shelley’s Helpful Hints

Jewelry Tutorial #2 ~ 3 March 2015

Jewelry Activity Tutorial #2  will be on Tuesday at 6 p.m. on 3 March 2015 lead by Shelley Curran.

The goal is for us to share what we know and learn jewelry construction and design by using building blocks.  Shelley Curran is credited with designing this tutorial.  It’s going to be a treat and challenge our design interests as well as let us use our own supplies.  Please reference the scanned document down below for all supplies and tools.  Thank you.

Shelleys Necklace


Program for February 24th:

Alabama Limestone Formation and Fossils Discussion

with Dave Adomyetz, Rogers Group, Inc.

Mr. Adomyetz has been employed by Rogers Group Inc. since June of 1980.  He is a Division Sales Manager with multiple quarry locations as part of his responsibilities.  He has also done significant work in what is referred to as “Greenfields” or new mining locations.

Mr. Adomyetz will discuss various formations and the era in which they were formed as it pertains to Alabama.  When surveying for a new quarry site, it’s pertinent to know what the formations are and their significant different chemical and physical qualities.

Rogers Group is a hard rock mining company that for the most part mines limestone rock in an open pit configuration. Mr. Adomyetz will discuss the commercial uses of the various minerals found in limestone.

Dale Cathy, Rogers Group Inc., Sales Manager for Alabama and Mississippi is also planning to attend the meeting and provide a static display with industry and company related data. The majority of their customers use Rogers Group Inc. products for construction of highways, commercial buildings, and residential structures.

CANCELLED – Jewelry Activity Night on 17 February 2015 due to Weather

Tonight’s Jewelry Activity Night (17 February 2015) has been cancelled due to weather.  Due to freezing temperatures and black ice that will be on bridges and roads leading to he Senior Center, we are postpoining Jim Treadway’s Wirewrapping Discussion and signups until 10 March at 6 p.m. at the Senior Center.

Everyone’s safety is important to me.  Please take care and stay warm.

VR Mindy Schell




Jewelry Activity Nights – 10 February 2015

Our first Jewelry Activity Meeting kicked off on 3 February 2015 at the Senior Center for HGMS Members. Meeting times are every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. other than HGMS meeting nights. The goal is for HGMS members to meet and share what they know about jewelry making. There will be scheduled Tuesday nights with beginning tutorials, free form get-togethers, and intermediate & advanced classes with signups available.

Beginning Tutorials

Our first tutorial on 3 February 2015 was lead by Becky Purcell.  Many of the members mentioned what a great time it was & how well it went!  Thank you Becky for leading the tutorial, Caryl & Shelley in regards in hostessing the event, and Shelley and Becky in putting together the bead/necklace supplies and 20 kits.

10 February (Tutorial #1 & Free-form): 

Please bring in your finished necklace to show off and for those that haven’t finished (me included) please bring in your kit so it can be completed.  Also, I have heard many members are eager to bring in their gems/minerals BEADS.  Please bring in those you would like to make another necklace with.  Supply and tool list below.


1. Beads

2. Clasp, crimp beads

3.  Crimp covers, or jump rings (optional according to your design)

3. Beading wire – Can be 21, 19, or 7 strand.  Brand names include AccuFlex, Beadalon, Softflex, or EconoFlex.

Tools Required:

1. Two pairs of Pliers, which can be any combination of Needle, Chain, Flat or Bent Nose

2. Wire Cutters

3. Crimping Pliers (optional)

4. Round Nose Pliers (optional)

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

17 February:   Wirewrapping Discussion with James Treadway.  Jim will be giving future classes to those that signup.  Come to the HGMS Jewelry Activity meeting on 17 February at the Senior Center Paint Room.  See you there!