Accepting Donations for HGMS Auction


Donations are currently being accepted on every Tuesday night from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m at the HGMS meetings or at the Lapidary.  We appreciate you bringing them in early because it allows us time to catalogue them, take pictures and use it for advertising.  With a catalogue it makes it easier for our auctioneer and the other volunteers with processing/tallying up bids.  If you need assistance moving donations please let one of us know.

Thank you, Mindy Schell

HGMS Vice President

Fundraising Auction

Every year, the HGMS sponsors a fundraising auction that allows our members and our guests to bid on a wide variety of gems, minerals, jewelry, lapidary tools, books, magazines, and much more! The Auction is our largest fundraiser of the year and helps us purchase supplies and equipment to maintain our lapidary shop and also provides funds for our other outreach and educational projects throughout the year. Everyone is invited to join us!

Where:  Huntsville Senior Ball Room (come in the front door)

Who: Everyone is welcome! You do NOT need to be a senior citizen or a HGMS Member to attend or to participate!

How Much: Admission is FREE!

Date:  April 28, 2015

Time: You can register and start looking at items at 5:00 p.m.

Auction Flier: work in progress

 The auction starts at 6:00 pm

If you win a bid, you can pay with cash, check, and credit cards. All proceeds help the HGMS purchase equipment and supplies for our lapidary shop or help with other outreach programs for our club. Please join us for an evening of fun!

Jewelry Activity Night Kickoff 3 February 2015


Our first Jewelry Activity Meeting will kickoff on 3 February 2015 at the Senior Center for HGMS Members.  Meeting times would be every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. other than HGMS meeting nights. The idea is for HGMS members to meet and share what they know about jewelry making. There will be scheduled Tuesday nights with beginning tutorials, free form get-togethers, and intermediate & advanced classes with signups available.

Beginning Tutorials

Website for first tutorial is from Domestic Divaonline website:

The beginning tutorials are free for HGMS members.  The tutorials are free on many websites.   Kits are $5 and help the beginning jewelers off to a good start.  We have 7 kits left for signup so please contact Mindy Schell at 334-790-0671 to reserve yours.  We urge members to bring their own tools and the tool list is below.  The beginning tutorial is intended to instruct the person in what tools/jewelry supplies are needed so the person can be a self starter on jewelry making.  There is also an option to bring all of your own supplies/tools and join us.  Please reference above link for supplies.

Tools: For first night, folks need:

1. Two pairs of Pliers, which can be any combination of Needle, Chain, Flat or Bent Nose

2. Wire Cutters

3. Crimping Pliers (optional)

4. Round Nose Pliers (optional)

On subsequent Jewelry Activity nights the plan is to have members bring their own supplies and tools unless we do another jewelry supply kit for Activity Night.  Sign-up for activities will be at the HGMS Meetings as well as the Jewelry Activity Nights.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

We are currently coordinating Intermediate and Advanced Jewelry Classes.  We will be asking our experienced HGMS members to provide instruction.  More information to come at the HGMS meeting and/or the Jewelry Activity Night Kickoff on 3 February.


Our goal is to get HGMS members together to share what they know regarding jewelry development, creativity, and the different types…and there is so many.  We will start with beginning jewelry tutorials to bring confidence to those just starting and then move on to intermediate and advanced.  This will be a great time for the more experienced jewelry makers to mentor beginning jewelry makers and new members coming in.  Exciting to say the least, with some tutorials and membership sharing, we will be able to take our finished cabochons and beads bought from the show and make some beautiful creations!


Show and Tell Rock Night

At the HGMS Meeting on 27 January 2015, directly following meeting business and staying with the excitement of the evening we are doing Show and Tell Rock Night. Please bring your favorite rock, a slab, a cabochon (or any shape), faceted, and/or uncut specimen, mineral, jewel, fossil, or whatever for Show and Tell. Covered boxes will be available to protect valuable specimens while we circulate the room to OOOH and AAAH at others’ treasures.

This could also be a great time to bring that one mineral that needs to be identified.  Don’t you want to know what that specimen is?  Bring it with you.  See all your rockhounds there!

VR Mindy Schell

HGMS Vice President