Vendor Spotlight: The Geode Cracker

Want to try something fun and different at the Huntsville Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show? Buy a geode and crack it open! The Geode Cracker  cracks open geodes that folks purchase from him. He will have geodes from Keokuk, Mexico, Morocco, and Woodbury, TN. Geodes are mysterious and beautiful, and it’s always a treat to [...]

Booth at the Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show

School/Scout Tours at the HGMS October Show

If you work with kids through a school, home school program, or scouting program, you can schedule a time for your group to tour the Huntsville Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show between October 10 and 12. You may book a tour at the beginning of every hour, but you need to make an appointment. Just [...]

Peruvian Blue Opal Necklace

Show Vendor Spotlight: RusMineral

Another great vendor attending our Jewelry, Gem & Mineral Show October 10-12 is RusMineral, a store specializing in quality minerals, jewelry, cabochons, carvings, and beads. You can find them online at and on Facebook at The store offers products made of Pietersite from Namibia, Sugalite from South Africa, Quartz from Brazil, Spectrolite from [...]